Chengdu Guangda Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the development of Internet independent station systems.
We provide commercial technical support, secondary development, mobile app customization and template design related to cross-border open source e-commerce website construction.
- Cutting-edge open source e-commerce independent station system
  • An integrated website building package from PC to mobile phone, suitable for various devices, one-stop e-commerce website building
  • It can solve the data exchange between mobile users and PC users, one core and two stores
  • 100% open source system code
  • Developed based on Laravel framework
  • Powerful plug-in mechanism, easy function expansion
  • The mall supports multi-language\/multi-currency, various payment methods, and supports PayPal, stripe and other payments
  • Strictly follow the MVC architecture
  • The homepage UI layout is up to you
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The company brings together industry elites and has a high-end, honest, professional and efficient service team and technical team to provide our customers with safe and stable system software and services. For business cooperation, please contact us!
Working hours: Monday to Friday (9:00 - 18:00)
Contact: Mr. Liang
Company Email:
Postal Code: 611731
Address: G8 Tianfu Software Park Chengdu China